❤ Yesterday afternoon was UNFORGETTABLE!


I was literally showered with flowers and love more than hundreds of friends....

I would like to thank Mrs. Hance Bončková from the Slezskoostravská Gallery and her team for flawless organization, unceasing care and attention.

I thank the council of Silesian Ostrava for making the whole event possible.
I thank Antonín Gavlas for facilitating the exhibition.

I would also like to thank Libor Hřivnáč, who was supposed to introduce the opening, but unfortunately could not participate due to health reasons.

😘😘Of course, the biggest thanks goes to my beloved husband Russell and my mother, who fight with me to ensure that we have culture in Bílovec....

Thank you all so much for an amazing opening and an unforgettable HALFTIME. ☀️
The exhibition can be seen until 19.11. 2023 on weekends. For those who missed the opening, 15.10. there will be a comment!


Rosana de Montfort, who will celebrate her fiftieth birthday this year, returned to the Czech Republic a few years ago. In addition to her beloved painting, she devotes herself to writing and music composition and production, has a recording studio at home, establishes and curates galleries and, with her British husband Russell, also develops the De Montfort Art foundation for gifted artists.

Rosana de Montfort, painter: In the Silesian Gallery, where I actually exhibit such a story of neo-dystopian paintings. It is neodystopism, posthumanism. And that's actually how I present myself not only here, but also abroad. I am very happy that I come from here and that I am from this tribe, from the Ostrava region, and this is actually reflected in my paintings, it is the technology, it is the progress of man, the impact that awaits us, if in life we will overdo it, with that technology, that virtual reality. I not only paint, read, but also write science fiction.

However her favourite film is the horror film Devil's Advocate.

Rosana de Montfort, painter: It shows what human pride can do to a man when he pursues his goals for himself.

Renata Mikolášová (Bílovecká patnáctka), former mayor of Bílovec: She managed to create a beautiful Moritz gallery in our Bílovec castle, where she promotes not only herself but also other artists, the openings are amazing. So I know her paintings, so every time I see it, every time I walk in here, I say, it's science fiction. But still, it has a deep emotion. And sometimes her pictures scare me. When they evoke, they provoke. And that's just all of Rosana.

The artist recalled with a smile several times her happy youth, spent on the right bank of Ostravice.

Rosana de Montfort, painter: I grew up in Ostrava, in Silesian Ostrava, I was born, my birthplace is actually here right below the house near Sýkorák, and exhibiting here, in my fifties, is symbolic, because it is actually a return to my childhood, when you are yourself. And that's why it fills me so much, there are an awful lot of people here. I'm so glad it turned out that way. In fact, I had my first cigarette, my first kiss, a date here at the gas station, I went to school here, we bobsled here, my mother and I went for walks here, so Ostrava is a favorite, always has been.

As an artist or musician, she worked for example for Channel U, BBC Channel 4 and Lion TV. She kept silent about the awards she received for her artistic life, for example from the White House and from San Francisco. In 2022, she received the City of Bílovce Award.

Věra Katka Tatarkovičová, artist: Of course I follow her work, she follows mine, although of course her level of visual art and not only visual art is at a completely different level than mine. This exhibition deserves to be seen by everyone. Every art lover will find something here.

The exhibited works can be viewed in the Silesian Ostrava Gallery until November 19.

"HALFTIME" 14.9.-19.11.2023

Silesian Ostrava Gallery

Vernissage 14/9/2023 at 17:00

For my 50ieth birthday this year I have organised an exhibition, which will be remembered for the rest of my life. The name "HALFTIME" suggests, that the age of 50 is the half life of human life if he/she is lucky.

Reflecting upon the events of my few recent years, I intend to leave a mark in the gigantic book of art history. Even if it is just few words... Here I am, here I was, here I remain in the hearts of those, who know me and those who never did.

This exhibition hosts most of my show pieces and will distinguish a mark in my creation to "The time before" and "Ever after".

It is my honour to have the gallerist, curator, poet and artists, Libor Hřivnáč, at this venue, who is making the foreword and introduction of my life's work.

The guitar virtuoso, Jakub Jalůvka, will accompany the event with dulcet tones and support the most important expo of my life.

You are cordially welcomed!


ROMY&ROSE III 1.8. - 31.8. 2023

vernissage 1/8/2023 at 17:00 Archbishop's Castle Kroměříž

This year we  celebrate the 3rd year of the project, which is designed to save animals.
We start the auction of Saxány's painting for Wandering Happiness, z. s. with the godfather and great musician Pavle Váně!

Lucie Hlavinková writes the fairy tale for the auctioned and pictured animal hero.
We open the review together and tell you something about the project and our shared destiny,

but also about the news we are preparing.

It is our pleasure that our collaboration with Romana Štryncl developed quite naturally into a traditional traveling project. We will be very happy if you come to Kroměříž to support us at the opening and enjoy a spectacular experience in the Archbishop's Castle and gardens. If you're in the mood for a trip, here's a real program for the whole day!
We look forward to!!!


GROUP X - ART REVIEW - 1.7. 2023 at 13:00

Marcela Mrázková ● Marcela Kudlová ● Pavel Gregor ● Eva Muchová ● Šárka Quisová ● Miroslava Rychtářová ● Vlastislav Mojzcek ● Rostislav Herrmann ● Iveta Kovalíková ● Lada Červinková ● Petr Weiss ● Libor Hřivnáč ● Michaela Tichá

The vernissage will be presented by the artist, gallerist and curator, Rosana de Montfort.
Group X has a fifty-year period of activity behind it. Currently, it brings together 25 members of different ages, different views on art and diverse artistic concepts of artistic creation. In the castle premises, they will be presented not only in the gallery, but in the castle corridors. The vernissage will be accompanied by a live performance in which the entire group of exhibitors will participate.

The exhibition will last until August 31, 2023. There will also be light refreshments at the opening.

The castle exhibition will be closed for the duration of the opening.
We look forward to you!


👏👏👏 Today was full of respect, thanks and celebration of humanity in honor of JUDr. Moritz, single lord Daublebský from Sterneck, holder of the Righteous Among the Nations title at his native house (born 1912).
I had the honor, in cooperation with Mr. Castellan Eduard Valeš, to make a commemorative plaque for him, for the unveiling of which the sons of Dr. Moritz the free lord of Daublebsky from Sterneck, Karl and Georg. Dr. Tomáš Sterneck and his mother came from České Budějovice, and from Prague the representative of the Federation of Jewish Communities in the Czech Republic, Mr. Michal Pelíšek. A big thank you goes to the Bílovec town management and the Cultural Center for their support. The patronage of the entire event was taken over by the Austrian ambassador to the Czech Republic, Dr. Bettina Kirnbauer. Here I am just copying the words of the ambassador that I read to the participants:
Die Übernahme des Ehrenschutzes heute ist für mich eine große Freude und ich danke Ihnen für diese wortvolle Initiative zur Errichtung einer Gedenkafel zur Erinnerung an Moritz Daublebsky-Sterneck.

Dankbarkeit und Hochachtung sind wohl fägtge Assoziationen die wir mit Moritz Daublebsky-Sterneck verbinden. Dankbarkeit für sein heroics Eintreten für verfolchte Mitmenschen, die er vor einem grausamen und ungerechten Tod bewahrt hat. Hochachtung vor der Charakterstärke und der Aufrichtigkeit, die er in den dunkelsten Stunden unserer Geschichte demonstriert hat.
Moritz Daublebsky-Sterneck als Gerechter unter den Völker dient uns als Vorbild und diese Gedenktafel wird auch die nachfelden Generation an ihn und an das Talmud-Wort erinnern:

"Wer auch immer ein einziges Leben rettet, der ist, als ob er die ganze Welt gerettet hätte".
Ich danke Ihnen.

🙏Thank you very much to my dear husband for helping me get through today in peace and comfort.
🙏 I thank Kastelán for the opportunity to participate in the beautiful things that make Bílovec and its cultural heritage our new home. 🙏Thank you to the mayor, Martin Holub, for his help in unveiling the memorial plaque and for the rich hospitality.
🙏 I thank the relatives of our Bílové hero for coming from such a distance to see and honor his memory with us.

Town celebration and exhibition of Raya and Marek

On the occasion of today's celebration of the day of the city of Bílovec, people flocked to our gallery all day to see the exhibition of Ray Campulkova and Marek Sebastian Coutierre. Special guests from Vienna also came to see, the sons of Dr. Moritz the free lord of Daublebsky from Sterneck, Karl and Georg. Dr. Tomáš Sterneck and his mother came from České Budějovice, and from Prague the representative of the Federation of Jewish Communities in the Czech Republic, Mr. Michal Pelíšek.
Thank you all for visiting our exhibition and the city of Bílovec!


ceremonial opening ceremony of the exhibition at Bílovec Castle

SATURDAY, APRIL 29, 2023 15:00

Welcome to the ceremonial opening of the exhibition of two artists from Kladno, namely RAYA ČAMPULKOVÁ and MAREK SEBASTIAN COUTIERRE
Raya is a very talented portraitist and I am very much looking forward to the selection she has created for this event. Marko's work moves on the edge of sculpture and artistic sculpture, here he presents futuristic armor and sculptures in a post-apocalyptic spirit. The musical program will be provided by our favorite court musician, guitar virtuoso and lecturer, Jakub Jalůvka.
The exhibition will be presented by gallerist and curator Rosana de Montfort.
You are hereby cordially invited to the opening, which will take place on 29 April 2023 at 15:00 at the MORITZ Gallery.
The Voluntary theater group Odřivous will also perform at the castle with a play called Malá Čarodějnice. In the castle rooms, you will be able to see dramatized stories from the times of the castle owners and meet alchemists, spiritualists and other quacks.

Do not miss this wonderful opportunity at Bílovec Castle and the MORITZ Gallery.



Gallery for oncopatients


This is my THANK YOU.💝
Unfortunately, we didn't fit in. Mrs. Irenka counted over 60 people 😱 in a city where I thought I had only a few friends! Thank you all very much for the powerful atmosphere and your precious time. Gallery for oncology patients and supporting artists hosts my exhibition until 11.07.2023. Sale from the paintings will help the gallery to survive. If you are interested in a painting, send me an email and I will arrange all.



Kurture centre STRECHA


It never imagined I would moderate my exhibition for an hour like a talk show..
After the introduction of the director, Ing. Pavly Müllerová, Tanja and I kicked things off on stage in an incredible way. I think we could do our own talk show. Then when she came out and sang live, the fact that she didn't need a microphone was confirmed. She has a voice like a BELL!
The commentary was lively and I completely forgot how many paintings the Cultural Center team and I actually installed. Oh, and according to a spontaneous decision, Russell also has paintings there! A lot of people helped me with everything, and to them I owe a huge big THANK YOU.
See you on the comment board before the concert of the rock band CITRON on June 9, 2023!
The exhibition "MY TRICKS" in the STRETCH Cultural Center will last until June 22. 2023



Gallery Hrivnac


Rosana De Montfort, Messenger of Post-Humanism. Dynamic painting with spatulas, but also perfectionist processing of the figures and their faces. Oil paint, acrylic, sand, plaster and varnishes. These are the attributes of the element called Rosana, which captivated visitors to the Hřivnáč Gallery in Opava yesterday. The audience was literally hanging on her lips during her guided tour, which followed the opening of the exhibition. They listened to her personal but also fictional stories of the heroes of her paintings. They penetrated the world of evolutionary shift and the gradual disappearance of organic life forms on Earth. Rosana revealed herself at yesterday's opening and vividly demonstrated what a personal artistic confession means. She revealed her dream world, where the border between portrayed and real characters disappears.


Vernissage 24.11. at 17:00 in Gallery Hřivnáč in Opava


This is what a very elaborate project looks like, in which almost 40 international important artists participated (including me, that's the demi-robot). I am in awe of the logistical and organizational talent of the gallerist, curator, poet and artist that is Libor Hřivnáč. It was a great opening with the participation of about 110 heads! Thank you for letting me be a part of it.

Artists not only from the Czech Republic but also from all over the world participate in the project:

Iveta A. Dučáková, Daniel Balaban, Svatoslav Böhm, Pitt Brandenburger, Peter Cvik, Predrag Djakovic, Lubomír Dostal, Renata Drahotová, Václav Fiala, Pavel Forman, František Hodonsky, Jaroslav Hruby, Libor Hrivnač, Pavel Charousek, Boris Jirků, Jiří Kačer, Igor Kitzberger, Sebastian Kitzberger, Ingrid Kitzberger, Daniel Klose, Eva Ei Constantinidus, Antonín Kroča, Jiří Marek, Dominik Mares, Rosana De Montfort, Květa Monhartová, Iva Mrázková, Marcela Mrázková, Vaclav Rodek, Zuzana Růžičková, Vera Siffner, Martin Sněhota, Jan Spevaček, Pavel Strakoš, David Strauss, Ivo Sumec, Edward Syty, Zita Švírová,

In Hřivnáč Gallery you will find this incredible exhibition until 28.1.2023. Then it moves to the following galleries:

Studio of Kateřina Dostálové, Olomouc | 31.1.2023 - 28.2.2023

Gallery of Ingrid Kitzbergerová, Rožnov pod Radhoštěm | 3/5/2023 - 27/5/2023

Gallery MonAmi, Bílovec | 2/10/2023 - 5/12/2023

Gallery ZaZa, Ostrava | 14/12/2023 - 31/12/2023

Gallery Bubec, PragueNebílovy castle gallery near Pilsen

Gallery Litomyšl

Who hasn't been, should see it! 👌👌👌Thank you to my beloved husband Russell De Montfort for the beautiful photos!




My show paintings go to hiding in in the winter season. Gallery MORITZ is full of the biggest canvasses, which usually never meet during the year. If you are a collector, a gallerist or just simply love art and want to see them, just give me a call and I can arrange a viewing. Chateua Bílovec is cold over the winter, so take a warm jacket.

"PAINTINGS"- Gallery of Silvie Kořistková

Orlová (CZ)



When your friend opens a gallery, it's like coming home. Tea is on the table next to an open art book, there are cute animals on the floor chilling and a good friend comes by as well.... Well, because we are friends, care for each other and help one another. So although I thought I won't do any more gallery exposure this year, but this one is just no stress.


Beneficial project to save GALLERY FOR CANCER PATIENTS in Prague collects desired sum! 

So far I have given away several paintings to support the cause and objective of this gallery, led by a lovely angel alled Irena Kraftová.

And you can help too!!! In two ways:

🎗️ Click on the link you will find a bank connection where you can send an amount 👉 https://umeniprotirakovine.cz/

🎗️ You can give a piece of art and organise a public auction in benefit of this gallery. The person, who bids the most in the relevant time frame is going to transfer the amount they offered in their bid for your artwork. You will then send them the artwork as a present!

If you wish to help, but need help, reach out to me for advice through my email. I will be glad to show you what to do.

When you advertise the cause, please don't forget to quote these two hashtags #letsgiveusachance #dejmesisanci

Number of the transparent account : 2300911825/2010

IBAN: CZ24 2010 0000 0023 0091 1825


Thank you!

GALLERY MORITZ visited by more than 3000 visitors in 2022 season!

In the MORITZ Castle Gallery, this year we were able to welcome thousands of visitors not only to exhibitions of contemporary art, but also guided tours, openings, painting courses and music concerts. The interior also underwent a stylish renovation, in which local citizens and companies participated, so that it could enter the prestigious art scene and welcome not only local artists, but also important personalities from all over the Czech Republic.


May Day started with the opening of a native of Novi Jičín, Antonín Gavlas, who introduced himself with his exhibition "Soul of Light", where we got to know not only his paintings, but also sculptures, sculptures and digital images. Our guitar virtuoso Jakub Jalůvka played for us with the talented accordionist Anežka Gebauerová.

The members of the TELEMANNIA music group also came to make the gallery walls sound, who performed a Jazz-Baroque concert performed by M. Kratochvílova and M. Friedl, Fantasie per flauto traverso e contrabbasso by G.P. Telemann. We also welcomed members of the consort of Renaissance transverse flutes and Renaissance lutes "TOURDION A BOHEMIAN LUTE ORCHESTRA", whose performers Anežka Šejnohová, Radka Kubínová, Mirka Holá, Marta Kratochvílová, Jan Čižmář, Zuzana Meleková and others performed court music songs, period dances, and they also headed into the category of liturgical and folk music.


The exhibition season was rounded off by an exhibition entitled "MEETING IN TIME", whose participants literally took the visitors' breath away with their installation. The members of the artistic group Magnus Gradus, Jaroslav Jerry Svoboda (Prague, Vancouver), Radomír Bárta (Brno, Sebranice), Rosana de Montfort (Bílovec, London) invited a special guest, who was the world-famous painter and surrealist Michal Janovský (Česká Lípa). The paintings of Jaroslav Jerry Svoboda and Rosana de Montfort were attuned to the same wave because they both deal with the topic of post-humanism. Among the gigantic paintings of Michal Janovský, the metal sculptures and sculptures of the Brno artistic blacksmith and sculptor, Radomír Bárta, stood out. The experience of the exhibition was musically enriched by Jakub Jalůvka with a band that played old rock classics and his own compositions.

The exhibition took place under the patronage of Rosana de Montfort, who founded the Moritz Gallery in cooperation with the management of the town of Bílovec and the castellan of Bílovec castle, Eduard Valeš. The goal of the project was to show that people from different regions, genres and art technologies can combine their talents into one cultural experience for the general public even outside the big cities, namely in Bílovec.

We would like to thank the city management for their close cooperation and support. We thank the castellan, Eduard Valeš, for his helpfulness and dedication. We would like to thank the company Denas Color for sponsoring floor paints and work commitment, and finally to Petar Pavlík and his team for their assistance in the construction of the exhibition architecture. First of all, we thank you, the visitors, for your abundant participation!


Gallery MORITZ- Chateau Bilovec

17.9. - 31.10. 2022

Jaroslav Jerry Svoboda

(Prague, Vancouver) expressive painter and symbolist

Michal Janovský

(Česká Lípa) surrealist painter, draftsman and lecturer

Radomír Bárta

(Brno, Sebranice) artistic blacksmith, sculptor and lecturer

Rosana de Montfort

(Bílovec, London) surrealist painter, sculptor, curator

The presentation of these four artists in one exhibition is probably one of the most interesting in the Moravian-Silesian Region, as it is a connection of friends with significant destinies in the art industry. Each of them has erudite exhibitions and international collaboration behind them. Each of them can boast collectors on many continents. Their union is quite unusual in this exciting time when people are largely competing with each other. Without prejudice, under a surreal sky, it tells the story of ourselves.

The project of the Magnus Gradus art group (Svoboda, Bárta, Montfort) will welcome a special guest, Michal Janovský, a leading Czech surrealist, to the exhibition. The exhibition takes place under the patronage of Rosana de Montfort, who founded the Moritz Gallery in the summer of 2020 in cooperation with the Bílovec city administration and the castellan of the Bílovec castle, Eduard Valeš.
The exhibition under the working title "MEETING IN TIME" will thus be proof that people from different regions, genres and art technologies can combine their talents into one cultural experience for the general public even outside the big cities, precisely in Bílovec.

Photography: Lenka Malinová, Tomáš Raška, Eduard Valeš, Dagmar Ultzenová


You all know by now I am a builder too. So it becomes very natural for me to transform any interior space. Because of the new project "ENCOUNTER IN TIME" in the Gallery Moritz, where we welcome some very important colleagues, I have decided to give the gallery a makeover. With a help of several people we have transformed this place from 18th century hall into 21st century exposition space. Local company Denas Color has sponsored not only floor paint, but also man power. The directors of the company came personally to help and apply the treatment and paint. A friend of ours, Petr Pavlík has helped with the building of "THE GATES", a structure made of steel and plasterboard in the middle of the room. My dear husband helped with the electric installation and logistics. And so Gallery MORITZ is ready to dazzle!

Thank you all! XX

"ART SALON 2022"

Gallery Art Mozaika Prague

11.8. -9.9. 2022

Participating with my painting "MY LIVING TREASURE" in a group exhibition and auction organised by the ART MOZAIKA gallery in the heart of Prague, right close to famous Venceslaw Square.



House of Culture Kroměříž

5.8. -30.9. 2022

These lines of mine belong to all of you who came for far awaz in the 40 degrees heat to share the exhibition with me at DK Kroměříž. Words cannot express my gratitude.🙏🙏🙏I thank KD Kroměříž and Robert Rohál and his amazing team for the flawless operation, media, spirit, gastronomic and technical support. You really are a bomb team. I thank the deputy mayor of Kroměříž, Vit Peštuka, for such a deep introduction, which made me feel he had known me for decades. I really appreciate your precious time and interest. And above all, I would like to thank the talented artist and curator from Olomouc, Helenka Peštuk Sedláčková, for the opening words and verses.

Helena Peštuk Sedláčková

"For Rosana"

We are here alone,

in front of the picture

and it shouts at me!

Do you still have a soul?

What are you looking at me for?

Has it dawned on you yet?

We are deep in it, upto our ears!

I stand quietly. I stare dumbly.

I'm up to my ears in it.

No one anywhere and yet, so much shoutingin my soul...

ROMY & ROSE, 2nd year !!!

We have a lot of beautiful memories and this video proves how lovely the atmosphere at this particular art review was.

Thanks to the State Castle Lysice and its Mrs. castellan Bc. Martina Rudolfová for enabling this wonderful art project in a baroque gem. Thanks to my beloved husband Russell for managing  all from the media to logistics. Thanks to Dejf for helping to prepare the hospitality and organization. Thank you to the gentleman who provided and carried around all the  theeasles for us. Thanks to the castle staff for your support and assistance. Thanks to the team of "Abandoned Cat's Paws" for participation, support and cooperation. Thank you Mrs. Lucka Hlavinková for The Fairy Tale for Julča. Thank you mom for managing it all despite your health. Thanks to everyone who came, but also to those who cheered from afar. And most of all, thank you to Romy Štryncl for another amazing year of ROMY & ROSE 2022!





Auctioned painting of Julinka reached 21,000,- CZK and all the cash goes to animal rescue "Abandoned Cat Paws"

My art lectures at the Mathematical college GMK and exposition

Another splendid idea was born in the heads of lectors at the College of Mikulas Kopernicus.
Art classes for the students aged 15 was a vast success and many wouldn't tell the difference between their works and a production of an erudite artist. Each student has chosen to paint a different portrait and achieve a likeness their own way, with their own technique. My role was to simply show the young people all possible techniques and to nudge them in the right direction. The artworks have been exhibited at the foyer of the college and later at Gallery MonAmi in Bilovec. A great way of sharing my own experience and helping others to embrace their own creativity. A great time!


Oil on canvas 520 x 150cm, year 2022

Wide angle painting dedicated to the spirit of this time.

It will be exhibited on April 6, 2022 in the Passage of Czech Design in the ARTVARIUM project, curated by PhDr. Renáta Mužíková, PhD and the gallery are headed by PhDr. Hana Homolková and Štěpánka Zinkaizlová.

What is behind this triptych?
It's about us as we keep shouting ... For the last 3 years it's been a soda for all of us .... either it's: "mee too", or vax = antivax, or the isis, or the parliament, or the trumpeters, or biden, or pope, or pedophilia, XX-XY-XXZ and divided toilets, or rescue from Kabul, bombed by Israel-Palestine, Ukraine, etc etc ... And it will be worse. And how should a person live a normal life at such a time ???? Probably normally ... calamities probably belong to us. And one day the eternally balanced sanguine Anunaki will return and make an end to our comfort ... and there will be peace.

For overseas sale through Singulart - London/Paris


For sale in EU please get it touch with me.


Mobile Hospice Olomouc

January 2022

For this charity gala I have been asked to donate a painting, which would make the future owner happy and raise money for the people in ultimate need. The friend of the organiser has told me to paint a picture od an ocean, because apparently my collectors love those the most. So ocean it is....

"A MOMENT FOR MY SELF" 100x100cm, oil on 3D canvas, goes to someone with a big heart out there. I wish that person a perpetuating happiness and a great feeling from a good deed done!

Something about the project from the website:

In these days, while we are celebrating our mobile hospice "you are not alone" 5th anniversary of the start of providing our services to children and adult patients in the terminal stage of life. Over the past years, we have succeeded in creating the preconditions for the provision of high-quality care, and our scope has made us one of the most important organizations in our field on a national scale. As an expression of gratitude for your support and cooperation, please welcome our invitation to a charity auction of works of art, which will include a symbolic celebration of our anniversary. Due to the current epidemiological situation, it will take place at the turn of January and February 2022 in the ceremonial hall of the Komenium Elementary School (May 8, 29, Olomouc) and will be accompanied by performances by the Olomouc String Quartet, . The evening is accompanied and the auction will be led by Helena Peštuk Sedláčková. We organize the event thanks to the kind cooperation with the Statutory City of Olomouc. We will be honored if you accept our invitation to participate.

 From the website https://nejstesami.eu


Passage of Czech Design Prague

11.11.2021 - 31.5.2022

Group exhibition in Prague city centre, curated by PhDr. Renáta Mužíková, PhD. and managed by PhDr. Hana Homolková. The selected artists enjoy the full time 24 hrs access in the time of Covid lockdown. The project was started as a response to the current health restrictions and offers the artists boundary-free wide exposure in the heart of the metropole.