Expositions Season 2022


17.9. - 31.10. 2022 verni at 15:00
GALLERY MORITZ at Chateau Bilovec





Exhibition of 4 artists from 4 corners of the country, embracing the fantasy world and demonstrating their skills on canvas and in sculpture. A trully exciting event, which you should not miss!

Address: Chateau Bilovec, Zamecka 660


03.9. - 31.10. 2022

In Kočkafé you will find her two large-format triptychs: "BACK TO THE ROOTS" and "3 WOMEN". Rosi is an artist with a very broad scope. In addition to her work, she teaches and collaborates on projects for the development of artistic sensibilities.I admire her imagination and creativity, the lightness of painting and, above all, her great desire to create and invent new events. We have known each other since 1991, we haven't seen each other for 30 years and now we have two exhibitions under the ROMY&ROSE brand behind us.

(Romana Štryncl, curator of Gallery FELIDAE)

🐾FELIDAE gallery

🐾Cats in Kočkafé Schrödinger 2o22


5.8. - 30.9. 2022 verni at 16.30

House of Culture KROMĚŘÍŽ

Exhibition of series called "DULCE DYSTOPIA" in the heart of Moravia, city of Kroměříž, full of landmarks, manicured gardens and historical buildings. The vast lobby in the ground floor will be home of my so far widest selection of paintings dedicated to the theme of posthumanism or dystopian fantasy.

Address: Tovačovského 2828/22, 767 01 Kroměříž

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22.5. -24.6. 2022

Romana Štryncl, Rosana de Montfort

It is the second season of an art project of two women who met at the MISS CZECHOSLOVAKIA 1991 competition and unite their efforts again in this year at the Chateau Lysice, to support animal shelters.
The exposition will be at the chateau gallery.



Passage of Czech Design Prague

Group exhibition in Prague city centre curated by PhDr. Renata Muzikova, PhD., and managed by gallerist PhDr. Hana Homolkova.

Possibly the largest passage exposition in Europe, offering visitors an unlimited access to a spectacle, narrated by czech and international acclaimed artists.


20.2. - 20.3. 2022 verni 24.2 at 17:00

MonAmi Gallery Bílovec

Slzské Nám. 9

743 01 Bílovec

Vinárna pod Pálavou

Dolní nám. 200/2, 779 00 Olomouc

Martin Café

Masarykovo nám. 34, 741 01 Nový Jičín

Public Library Bílovec

Slezské nám. 63, 743 01 Bílovec



Gallery MORITZ- Chateau Bilovec
17.9. - 31.10. 2022

Jaroslav Jerry Svoboda

Michal Janovský

Radomír Bárta

Rosana de Montfort

The presentation of these four artists in one exhibition is probably one of the most interesting in the Moravian-Silesian Region, as it is a connection of friends with significant destinies in the art industry.


You all know by now I am a builder too. So it becomes very natural for me to transform any interior space. Because of the new project "ENCOUNTER IN TIME" in the Gallery Moritz,

where we welcome some very important colleagues, I have decided to give the gallery a makeover. With a help of several people we have transformed this place from 18th century hall into 21st century exposition space.

"ART SALON 2022"

Gallery Art Mozaika Prague
11.8. -9.9. 2022

Participating with my painting "MY LIVING TREASURE" in a group exhibition and auction organised by the ART MOZAIKA gallery in the heart of Prague, right close to famous Venceslaw Square.


House of Culture Kroměříž
5.8. -30.9. 2022

These lines of mine belong to all of you who came for far awaz in the 40 degrees heat to share the exhibition with me at DK Kroměříž. Words cannot express my gratitude.🙏🙏🙏I thank KD Kroměříž and Robert Rohál and his amazing team for the flawless operation, media, spirit, gastronomic and technical support.

You really are a bomb team. I thank the deputy mayor of Kroměříž, Vit Peštuka, for such a deep...

ROMY & ROSE, 2nd year !!!

We have a lot of beautiful memories and this video proves how lovely the atmosphere at this particular art review was.

Thanks to the State Castle Lysice and its Mrs. castellan Bc. Martina Rudolfová for enabling this wonderful art project in a baroque gem. Thanks to my beloved husband Russell for managing all from the media to logistics.

Thanks to Dejf for helping to prepare the hospitality and organization. Thank you to the gentleman who provided and carried around all the theeasles for us. Thanks to...

My art lectures at the Mathematical college GMK and exposition

Another splendid idea was born in the heads of lectors at the College of Mikulas Kopernicus.

Art classes for the students aged 15 was a vast success and many wouldn't tell the difference between their works and a production of an erudite artist. Each student has chosen to paint a different portrait and achieve a likeness...


Oil on canvas 520 x 150cm, year 2022

Wide angle painting dedicated to the spirit of this time.

It will be exhibited on April 6, 2022 in the Passage of Czech Design in the ARTVARIUM project, curated by PhDr. Renáta Mužíková, PhD and the gallery are headed by PhDr. Hana Homolková and Štěpánka Zinkaizlová.

What is behind this triptych?
It's about us as we keep shouting ... For the last 3 years it's been a soda for all of us .... either it's: "mee too",

"PROJECT "YOU ARE NOT ALONE" Mobile Hospice Olomouc

January 2022

For this charity gala I have been asked to donate a painting, which would make the future owner happy and raise money for the people in ultimate need. The friend of the organiser has told me to paint a picture od an ocean, because apparently my collectors love those the most. So ocean it is....

"A MOMENT FOR MY SELF" 100x100cm, oil on 3D canvas, goes to someone with a big heart out there....

Passage of Czech Design Prague

11.11.2021 - 31.5.2022

Group exhibition in Prague city centre, curated by PhDr. Renáta Mužíková, PhD. and managed by PhDr. Hana Homolková. The selected artists enjoy the full time 24 hrs access in the time of Covid lockdown. The project was started as a response to the current health restrictions and offers the artists boundary-free wide exposure in the heart of the metropole.


Acknowledgement for the cultural merits in art, representation of the castle and contribution to the town Bílovec

31.of July was the day we opened the castle to the public during the night hours for the Castle Night. The day was dedicated to the organisation of the town hall and its award given to 3 citizens for their representational merit. One of them was Rosana de Montfort, who was awarded a "Award of the city Bílovec" for her activities in art, representation of the Château Bílovec...


Rosana & Russell 'GITHYANKI' de Montfort at Château Kunín 18.07.2021

Exposition is held at Kunín Castle as part of the project of the National Monuments Institute "Year of the Enlightened Nobility".

The gallery spaces of the Baroque mansion, which are intertwined with fantastic unique chimney systems, will for a time be home to works by the British-Czech couple. Images inspired by magical cities and wandering in the fantasy world now...


Rosana de Montfort and Romy Štryncl at Chateau Bílovec in the newly opened gallery 12.06.2021

When two women of a simmilar ilk meet, it usually leeds to an interesting arrangement. The destiny of Romy Štryncl and Rosana reaches back to year 1991, where they have met for the first time at the beaty pageant contest MISS CZECHOSLOVAKIA. After 30 years the two unite the step in the artistic project called ROMY&ROSE, which is an art exhibition and bennecifial auction.


This project arose not only from the need for a larger art venue for the exposition "ROMY&ROSE", but also from the common interest with the curatorium of the Bílovec Chateau and the town hall. The idea to widen the touristic attraction by an art experience was met with optimism and the castle curator Eduard Valeš offered a hall on the ground floor for this purpose. In the next 3 months the premise has undergone a refurbishment,


Graphic art for an exceptionally gifted author Darren Baker and his new book: "Crusaders and Revolutionaries of the Thirteenth Century: De Montfort"

Born in California, Darren Baker took his degree in modern and classical languages at the University of Conneticut. He lives with his wife and children in the Czech Republic, where he writes and translates. His biographies ...


Course of 10 creative lessons for participants of all ages at Gallery MonAmi

Because I believe everyone can be an artist, I prepared a charitable 10 ninety-minute art lessons under my guidance.
Lesson topics:
1. The meaning of light, shadow, their composition and the connection with the emotional mood
2. The colors we feel and why? What is color contrast? ....


Painting of an old masterpiece and its blessing at the Chateau Bílovec

After 80 years, the painting of the Blessed Ceslaus, O.P (Czesław Odrowąż, patron of the Sedlnitzky family) will return to the Bílovec chateau to protect this ancient aristocratic mansion. Thanks to the combined forces of Mr. Castellan Eduard Valeš and the renowned painter Rosana de Montfort this task will now materialise. A blissful....


Peter Brandl Gallery specializes in the sale of exclusive works of art. Being founded at the beginning of the nineties it was one of Prague´s first private galleries focusing mainly on European classical painting from the 17th to the 20th century.

During the past several years Petr Brandl Gallery realised a number of exceptional aquisitons having now on display masterpieces ...

GALLERY CHAGALL- SOLO EXHIBITION 12.09. - 06.11.2019 (starting with a verni at 17:00)

Brušperk is an ancient town in the heart of Northern Moravia. Exposition of paintings in the oldest Public House in the country will be conceptuated as a battle between what we were and what we are becoming.

Who knows me a bit more will discover, that I love giving unwanted and unloved ideologies, dreams and objects a new lease of life. Some of these painting represent the nostalgia of the romantic past.



September-October : "ENCOUNTER IN TIME"

Svoboda (Prague), Bárta (Brno), Montfort (Bílovec), Janovsky (Česká Lípa)

November-February : storage express

Rosana de Montfort

Winter depositry for private viewings


May-June: Paintings

Raya Campulkova (Prague)

July-August: "Art Group X" , (Opava)

Various artists, group exhibition

September-October: "Fusion Five"

Silvie Kořisková (Orlová), Jiří Jaroš (Orlová)

November-February : storage express

Rosana de Montfort

Winter depositry for private viewings


May-June: Sculptures and Reliefs

Libor Hřivnáč (Opava)

July-August: "Paintings and 3D"

Martin Kapošváry (Ostrava)

September-October: "PAINTINGS"

Lenka Kozlíková (Prague)

November-February : storage express

Rosana de Montfort

Winter depositry for private viewings


7.1. - 19.2.  : "Textile Art" Marta Langrová (Bílovec)

20.2: - 20.3. : "GALLOPING THROUGH CITY" Rosana de Montfort

21.3. - 7.5. : "PAINTINGS" Magdaléna Khýrová (Bílovec, Olomouc)

9.5. - 11.6. : "SLEZSKÁ LÁSKA" Akad. mal. Kaler Žaluda, kresba malba, grafika, plastika

13.6. - 12.7. : Absolvents of School of Helena Salichová. Day for kids, Project BLOKI

12.7. - 31.8. : " LINE AND ORDER" Miroslava Rychtářová (Opava)

1.9. - 29.10. : "PAINTINGS" Hana Puchová (Ostrava)

1.11. - 31.12. : "Grafics and drawings" Václav Šipoš (Studénka)

1.12.-7.1.2023 : Christmas "ART AMI" Selection of works from artists in 2022


22.1.- 28.2. : "PAINTINGS" Akad. arch. Ingrid Kitzbergerová (Rožnov p. Radhoštěm)

1.3. -30.3. : "LANDSCAPE" Libor Jelúš (Plzen)

30.3.-31.5. : "INTUITION" Akad. mal. Josef Duchan, drawings and graphics

1.6. - 31.7. : "PAINTINGS" Marcela Kudlová, Project BLOKI, Kids Day

1.8. - 30.9.: "DIVA 1926" Robert Rohál (Kroměříž). Art photography


Libor Hřivnáč, project of multiple artists in collaboration with The Ministry of Culture

5.12.- 31.01.: Christmas "ART AMI" Selection of works from artists in 2023


Open, send email to for applications