Expositions Season 2022

5.8. - 30.9. 2022 verni at 16.30


House of Culture KROMĚŘÍŽ

Exhibition of series called "DULCE DYSTOPIA" in the heart of Moravia, city of Kroměříž, full of landmarks, manicured gardens and historical buildings. The vast lobby in the ground floor will be home of my so far widest selection of paintings dedicated to the theme of posthumanism or dystopian fantasy.

Address: Tovačovského 2828/22, 767 01 Kroměříž

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17.9. - 31.10. 2022 verni at 15:00

GALLERY MORITZ at Chateau Bilovec





Exhibition of 4 artists from 4 corners of the country, embracing the fantasy world and demonstrating their skills on canvas and in sculpture. A trully exciting event, which you should not miss!

Address: Chateau Bilovec, Zamecka 660

JUNE 2022


Romana Štryncl, Rosana de Montfort

It is the second season of an art project of two women who met at the MISS CZECHOSLOVAKIA 1991 competition and unite their efforts again in this year at the Chateau Lysice, to support animal shelters.
The exposition will be at the chateau gallery.

Romy's website:

Address: Zámecká 1, 679 71 Lysice



Passage of Czech Design Prague

Group exhibition in Prague city centre curated by PhDr. Renata Muzikova, PhD., and managed by gallerist PhDr. Hana Homolkova.

Possibly the largest passage exposition in Europe, offering visitors an unlimited access to a spectacle, narrated by czech and international acclaimed artists.

20.2. - 20.3. 2022 verni 24.2 at 17:00


MonAmi Gallery Bílovec

Slzské Nám. 9

743 01 Bílovec


Martin Café

Masarykovo nám. 34, 741 01 Nový Jičín

Vinárna pod Pálavou

Dolní nám. 200/2, 779 00 Olomouc


11.8. -9.9. 2022

"ART SALON 2022"

Gallery Art Mozaika Prague

Participating with my painting "MY LIVING TREASURE" in a group exhibition and auction organised by the ART MOZAIKA gallery in the heart of Prague, right close to famous Venceslaw Square.

❤️🧡💛💚💙 ROMY & ROSE, 2nd year !!!

We have a lot of beautiful memories and this video proves how lovely the atmosphere at this particular art review was.

Thanks to the State Castle Lysice and its Mrs. castellan Bc. Martina Rudolfová for enabling this wonderful art project in a baroque gem. Thanks to my beloved husband Russell for managing  all from the media to logistics. Thanks to Dejf for helping to prepare the hospitality and organization. Thank you to the gentleman who provided and carried around all the  theeasles for us. Thanks to the castle staff for your support and assistance. Thanks to the team of "Abandoned Cat's Paws" for participation, support and cooperation. Thank you Mrs. Lucka Hlavinková for The Fairy Tale for Julča. Thank you mom for managing it all despite your health. Thanks to everyone who came, but also to those who cheered from afar. And most of all, thank you to Romy Štryncl for another amazing year of ROMY & ROSE 2022!

Auctioned painting of Julinka reached 21,000,- CZK and all the cash goes to animal rescue "Abandoned Cat Paws"

My art lectures at the Mathematical college GMK and exposition

Another splendid idea was born in the heads of lectors at the College of Mikulas Kopernicus.
Art classes for the students aged 15 was a vast success and many wouldn't tell the difference between their works and a production of an erudite artist. Each student has chosen to paint a different portrait and achieve a likeness their own way, with their own technique. My role was to simply show the young people all possible techniques and to nudge them in the right direction. The artworks have been exhibited at the foyer of the college and later at Gallery MonAmi in Bilovec. A great way of sharing my own experience and helping others to embrace their own creativity. A great time!


Oil on canvas 520 x 150cm, year 2022

Wide angle painting dedicated to the spirit of this time.

It will be exhibited on April 6, 2022 in the Passage of Czech Design in the ARTVARIUM project, curated by PhDr. Renáta Mužíková, PhD and the gallery are headed by PhDr. Hana Homolková and Štěpánka Zinkaizlová.

What is behind this triptych?
It's about us as we keep shouting ... For the last 3 years it's been a soda for all of us .... either it's: "mee too", or vax = antivax, or the isis, or the parliament, or the trumpeters, or biden, or pope, or pedophilia, XX-XY-XXZ and divided toilets, or rescue from Kabul, bombed by Israel-Palestine, Ukraine, etc etc ... And it will be worse. And how should a person live a normal life at such a time ???? Probably normally ... calamities probably belong to us. And one day the eternally balanced sanguine Anunaki will return and make an end to our comfort ... and there will be peace.

For overseas sale through Singulart - London/Paris

For sale in EU please get it touch with me.

11.11.2021 - 11.5.2022


Passage of Czech Design Prague

Group exhibition in Prague city centre, curated by PhDr. Renáta Mužíková, PhD. and managed by PhDr. Hana Homolková. The selected artists enjoy the full time 24 hrs access in the time of Covid lockdown. The project was started as a response to the current health restrictions and offers the artists boundary-free wide exposure in the heart of the metropole.

Passage of Czech design (Pasáž českého designu)

A 1-min walk from the Powder Tower

Address: Na Příkopě 860, 110 00 Nové Město

Hours: Open 24 hours

Phone: 724 326 090

January 2022


Mobile Hospice Olomouc

For this charity gala I have been asked to donate a painting, which would make the future owner happy and raise money for the people in ultimate need. The friend of the organiser has told me to paint a picture od an ocean, because apparently my collectors love those the most. So ocean it is....

"A MOMENT FOR MY SELF" 100x100cm, oil on 3D canvas, goes to someone with a big heart out there. I wish that person a perpetuating happiness and a great feeling from a good deed done!

Something about the project from the website:

In these days, while we are celebrating our mobile hospice "you are not alone" 5th anniversary of the start of providing our services to children and adult patients in the terminal stage of life. Over the past years, we have succeeded in creating the preconditions for the provision of high-quality care, and our scope has made us one of the most important organizations in our field on a national scale. As an expression of gratitude for your support and cooperation, please welcome our invitation to a charity auction of works of art, which will include a symbolic celebration of our anniversary. Due to the current epidemiological situation, it will take place at the turn of January and February 2022 in the ceremonial hall of the Komenium Elementary School (May 8, 29, Olomouc) and will be accompanied by performances by the Olomouc String Quartet, . The evening is accompanied and the auction will be led by Helena Peštuk Sedláčková. We organize the event thanks to the kind cooperation with the Statutory City of Olomouc. We will be honored if you accept our invitation to participate.

 From the website