I create objects and they create me....



Preparation for the 2021 season

Here we go! We are kicking off the big 21 with a mighty triptych "3 WOMEN", which has naturally arisen from my inspiration on Facebook. Among my connections I have discovered two unrelated ladies, who have posted a photograph of them selves in bathtub. Both have agreed with my inquiry about using their photographs in my paintings and now, we are starting a very exciting project, where I finally include living beings as part of my inspiration and collaboration. The January is almost over and we have 2 of them done. The 3rd lady is a mystery....a wild cart. I cannot wait to show you the whole set of mysterious water nymphs in their entire beauty.

Left: Inspired by photography and portrait of Lenka Faltejsková


For the CZ/EN readers, he also writes awesome poems, available here:


Right: Inspired by the photography of Karolina Koblen

her IG account: @kkartstuff, @carolinecream, @kkoblen

Depicted by Denerog, his IG account: @captain_denerog

Book cover project for an exceptionally gifted author Darren Baker and his new book:

"Crusaders and Revolutionaries of the Thirteenth Century: De Montfort"

Born in California, Darren Baker took his degree in modern and classical languages at the University of Conneticut. He lives with his wife and children in the Czech Republic, where he writes and translates. His biographies include Henry III: The Great King England Never Knew It Had (The History Press, 2017), Simon de Montfort and the Rise of the English Nation (Amberley, 2018) and The Two Eleanors of Henry III (Pen and Sword Books, 2019).

Not only can I be proud of his literary finesse which he puts into his every word, but also to consider him our friend. The main theme of the graphic made for this book will be also made to a large size painting, which will remain in family posession.

Here you can order your own copy:


Workshop with me at the friendly Book store- Café and a Gallery MonAmi

Because I believe everyone can be an artist, I prepared a charitable 10 ninety-minute art lessons under my guidance.
Lesson topics:
1. The meaning of light, shadow, their composition and the connection with the emotional mood
2. The colors we feel and why? What is color contrast?
3. Weight of geometry and its application in painting-drawing
4. Abstraction, computability, or chance?
5. Painting according to individual feeling
6. Still life and objects in it
7. Landscape and peripheral painting
8. Cities, streets and architecture
9. Portrait and soul in it
10. Free creation
11. Art exhibition out of works created in this workshop in September 2020

13.06.2020 at 14:00- Paintings review at the Bílovec Castle (CZ) for the 10th jubelee

13.12.2019 at 17:00- Paintings review in Martin Café in the heart of Nový Jičín (CZ)

The collection of nostalgic and romantic paintings  will be shown in one of the most beautiful places in the Moravian-Silesian Region, in the Baroque Nový Jičín.

The following companies will support the event:

Martin Café will spoil you this evening not only with coffees from many parts of the world and delicious cakes, but also with Moravian and luxury foreign wines. Of course, the friendly staff will take care of your gastronomic wishes. In the cafe you can also buy a package of exotic fresh coffee, which will pleasantly start every day. https://www.facebook.com/martincafecz/


To bring you into a melodic harmony we have the guitar virtuoso

Jakub Jalůvka, who's music skills are the cherry on the top of any artistic event.



Studio 365 advertising and modeling agency will present Helena Bedrnová's design models and take your breath away with amazing creations from her latest collection.

https://www.facebook.com/studio365.models/ http://www.studio365.eu/

Boutique Gurmán - Vemena offers a tasting of luxury cheeses so that the wine does not confuse you! Their shop is next to Martin Café. https://www.facebook.com/vemena/


Media guru Githyanki from the UK will shoot and edit a short documentary that also produces music.


The whole event will be recorded by a prosional photographer from Optika Lenka, so that we all have beautiful memories of this evening. https://www.facebook.com/optikalenka/ http://www.optikalenka.cz/

And of course De Montfort Ltd, which is the manager and sales representative of the artist.


I am looking forward to everyone with a little present!

See you on Friday the 13th in Martin Café !!! ♥ ️ ♥ ️ ♥ ️

07.12.2019 at 16:00 Return of the patron  - painting of an old masterpiece will be revealed and blessed at the Chateau Bílovec

After 80 years, the painting of the Blessed Ceslaus, O.P (Czesław Odrowąż, patron of the Sedlnitzky family) will return to the Bílovec chateau to protect this ancient aristocratic mansion. Thanks to the combined forces of Mr. Castellan Eduard Valeš and the renowned painter Rosana de Montfort this task will now materialise.

A blissful idea to return the painting of the bl. Ceslaus back to the chateau was born at the end of this summer, when the chateau acquired a beautiful baroque frame into its collections. A frame without a picture is already asking for a valuable piece of art.

The task, albeit difficult, was taken up by the painter Rosana de Montfort, who after 27 years abroad has returned to the Czech homeland. She has been painting since the age of four and it was the study of the old masters that led her to a successful artistic future.

It was at the very same chateau in Bílovice that she had an exhibition of her paintings this year, showing not only modern works but also paintings in the nostalgic style of ancient centuries.

The picture is over 2 meters tall and is painted with oil paints on linnen. Unfortunately, only smaller digital photograph is used for the reproduction, however as the work progresses, the image will be very close to the original. The whole process lasted 4 months and is approaching the grand finale.

On December 7, 2019, the Dean of Bílovec P. Ing. Mgr. Lumír Tkáč will bless the painting after it has been revealed. After that the members of the Chateau Bílovec Guard hang the picture in its place in the Great Dining Room of the Chateau, where the picture of the patron of the Sedlnitzky family will be presented to the public and become part of the chateau collections.

In the press:

"FROZEN" in the interior
"JEHOEL" and "SNOWY ROOF" installed
Collaboration at the East London Art Fair in Shoreditch
"ICE LAKE CITY" making journey to California
"I AM WAITING" installation in virtual interior
SAATCHI ART is the official partner responsible for the sales of Rosana's art.
Museum & Gallery Mlejn Ostrava 2019
Museum & Gallery Mlejn Ostrava 2019