Expositions Season 2021

01.06 - 31.10. 2021


Rosana de Montfort

Russell "GITHYANKI" de Montfort 

We invite you to an expo at Kunín Castle as part of the project of the National Monuments Institute "Year of the Enlightenment Nobility".

The gallery spaces of the Baroque mansion, which are intertwined with fantastic unique chimney systems, will for a time be home to works by the British-Czech couple. Images inspired by magical cities and wandering in the fantasy world now unite them in a common artistic path. The name Intermediates comes from the field of activity, where the work of both intertwines, and where the mutual influence in the choice of techniques, compositions and colors is evident.

The exhibition takes place during the visiting hours of the castle season from June until the end of October 2021.

Chateau Kunín

Zámek Kunín, Kunín 1, 742 53 Kunín


Vinárna pod Pálavou

permanenet exhibition

Dolní nám. 200/2, 779 00 Olomouc

12.06. - 31.08.2021


Romana Štryncl, Rosana de Montfort

Grand opening of the Castle Gallery and a sales exhibition of paintings. Rosana de Montfort took the project of the Chateau Gallery under her patronage, both curatorially and in the interior design. As the first gallery event, she will present a sales exhibition of her paintings and paintings by Romana Štryncl, titled ROMY & ROSE. It is a project of two women who met at the MISS CZECHOSLOVAKIA 1991 competition and meet after exactly 30 years in the art industry in a joint art project.

Failry tale for Belka

* initiation of the aution for Kočičí dům u Mourečka, depozitum Cat World z.s.

* cherished godmother Tanja

* fairytale written by Lucie Hlavinková

Romy's website:

Chateau Bílovec

Zámecká 660, 743 01 Bílovec


Martin Café

permanenet exhibition

Masarykovo nám. 34, 741 01 Nový Jičín

5.9.- 5.10.2021


Group exhibition for the project Single mums

Group exhibition of several artsists, who are participating on the charitable cause, which will benefit single mums, who are the sole earners.

Group's paintings will be found in two venues of this noble baroque castle complex, the vast monastery, which houses large exhibitions, concerts and symposioums, and the antique  chapple, which interiors are the perfect fit for expositions of statues and smaller paintings.

For this occasiona, Rosana is donating a tripple signed painting reproduction "3 WOMEN"

Státní zámek Mníšek pod Brdy
nám. F. X. Svobody 1
252 10 Mníšek pod Brdy


Galerie Silvie Kořistkové

P. Cingra, 735 11 Orlová

11.11.2021 - 11.2.2022


Passage of Czech Design Prague

Group exhibition in Prague city centre, curated by PhDr. Renáta Mužíková, PhD. and managed by PhDr. Hana Homolková. The selected artists enjoy the full time 24 hrs access in the time of Covid lockdown. The project was started as a response to the current health restrictions and offers the artists boundary-free wide exposure in the heart of the metropole.

11.11.2021 - 11.2.2022


Mobile Hospice Olomouc

For this charity gala I have been asked to donate a painting, which would make the future owner happy and raise money for the people in ultimate need. The friend of the organiser has told me to paint a picture od an ocean, because apparently my collectors love those the most. So ocean it is....

"A MOMENT FOR MY SELF" 100x100cm, oil on 3D canvas, goes to someone with a big heart out there. I wish that person a perpetuating happiness and a great feeling from a good deed done!

Something about the project from the website:

In these days, while we are celebrating our mobile hospice "you are not alone" 5th anniversary of the start of providing our services to children and adult patients in the terminal stage of life. Over the past years, we have succeeded in creating the preconditions for the provision of high-quality care, and our scope has made us one of the most important organizations in our field on a national scale. As an expression of gratitude for your support and cooperation, please welcome our invitation to a charity auction of works of art, which will include a symbolic celebration of our anniversary. Due to the current epidemiological situation, it will take place at the turn of January and February 2022 in the ceremonial hall of the Komenium Elementary School (May 8, 29, Olomouc) and will be accompanied by performances by the Olomouc String Quartet, . The evening is accompanied and the auction will be led by Helena Peštuk Sedláčková. We organize the event thanks to the kind cooperation with the Statutory City of Olomouc. We will be honored if you accept our invitation to participate.

 From the website

"FROZEN" in the interior
"JEHOEL" and "SNOWY ROOF" installed
Collaboration at the East London Art Fair in Shoreditch
"ICE LAKE CITY" making journey to California
"I AM WAITING" installation in virtual interior
SAATCHI ART is the official partner responsible for the sales of Rosana's art.
Museum & Gallery Mlejn Ostrava 2019
Museum & Gallery Mlejn Ostrava 2019