Her paintings have been described as "works of a visionary" and as a neo-surrealist she managed to fascinate international collectors. Her provocative paintings stir up excitement among art lovers, for they awaken both the feeling of distress and calm at the same time. As a skeptical dreamer, she focuses on comparing previous experiences with current events. Embracing the world as a survivalist, she gathers information and inspiration from the conflict of contradictions in everything that surrounds her.

Creating styles

Rosana's tendency in art is not following a trend, a cultural stream, or a fashion wave. Her production depends on the feeling that is tied to a given time, space and the message. Her paintings can come to us from the distant past or breathe the atmosphere of the future. Each scene absorbs as much of its environment as possible, therefore her technique and style vary from picture to picture.

The media she uses for her paintings are mostly canvases, acrylic, oil paints, synthetics, sand, plaster, charcoal and pencils. She likes modern abstractions, but also chiaroscuro. Her paintings represent a Neo-surrealist era where she can immediately use all her skills and dreams at once.

Development, idols and mentors

Filling the world around her with images and shaping it to satisfy her gently obsessive nature began at an early age. She painted 3D pictures at the age of 4, then had her first public appearances at the age of 6, drawing buildings in the town's square. By the age of 14 she has filled her home with paintings and sculptures. Having both very artistic parents, she has spent her childhood among the best of the Czech cultural and creative society including her mentors and teachers: Akad.mal. Karel Žaluda, Jiří (Giorgio) Stejskal, Věra Boudníková-Špánová, David LLoyd, Jaroslav Domiter. She is mesmerized by the works of Cesar Santos, Steven DaLuz, Hieronymus Bosch, Salvador Dalí, Peter Paul Rubens and others.


Permanent life abroad since 1991 has offered a wide variety of possibilities where her style of creation has found fertile soil. The collection of her art can be found in private collections, but also in business and corporate premises in many EU countries.

It was in the UK that she managed to maintain a stable client base and at the same time develop her style with several new modern techniques and media. It was a 3D art, street art, graffiti and music production for British TV channels like Channel U, BBC Channel 4 and Lion TV, where she met her crowd in the creative heart of London. She had participated in exhibitions and opportunities for artistic production, as well as offers for creative positions in the music industry.

Workshops and merits

The two main workshops are in Clacton-on-Sea (UK) and Bílovec (CZ), where she stores the majority of her latest work in the recently restored 18th century countryside estate. Her newly acquired premises of Gallery Montfort (Gallery M) is undergoing a vast reconstruction and will be officially open to public in May 2020.

She participates in a variety of charity projects in Europe and the US, which has earnt her awards by City Councillors of San Francisco and the White House. Together with other awarded participants she was given the International Prize Velazquez 2019 in MEAM European Modern Art Museum Barcelona on the 06.04.2019, International Prize Michelangelo received in Brancaccio Palace in Rome on the 14.07.2019 and two Awards of Excellence as the finalist of INTERNATIONAL CONTEMPORARY MASTERS in Santa Barbara (CA).

(Edward Charles Marsh, London 2019)

This is me...

I leave my coffee often unattended for hours,

fully submerged into the world in my eyes,

locked up in my room by my own need

to strip down outside influences & enjoy the silence.

The plain space where I am my own personal Jesus

and where I can experience the halo of my own past,

gives birth to a haze of moves and colours.

I am a little 15 again and the insticts of sweeping

brushes across the naked canvas never let me down.

Waiting for the night to fall, where I feel sacred.

Solo exhibitions

  • 2021
    Abstractions 21 / Vinarna pod Palavou, Dolni Namesti - Olomouc, Czechia
  • 2020
    Paintings 10th Jubelee / Chateau Bílovec - Bílovec, Czechia
  • 2020
    Selection / Peter Brandl Gallery - Prague, Czechia
  • 2020
    Wine & Wine / Vinarna pod Palavou, Dolni Namesti - Olomouc, Czechia
  • 2019
    Paintings / Martin Cafe - Nový Jičín, Czechia
  • 2019
    Revealing of replica of Bl.Odrowas / Chateau Bílovec - Bílovec, Czechia
  • 2019
    Friday The 13th / Martin Cafe - Nový Jičín, Czechia
  • 2019
    Paintings / Gallery Chagall - Brušperk, Czechia
  • 2019
    Old and new / Chateau Bílovec - Bílovec, Czechia
  • 2019
    Revelations / Gallery Mlejn - Ostrava, Czechia
  • 2018
    Parcon 2018 / Chateau Bílovec - Bílovec, Czechia
  • 2017
    Hunches / Art center Martello Tower - Essex, United Kingdom
  • 2016
    The Pastures Art / Private art show - Great Malvern, United Kingdom
  • 2015
    Becoming Beast / Beecroft Art Gallery - Southend-on-Sea, United Kingdom
  • 2009
    Channel U- Street Art project / Channel U studios - London, United Kingdom
  • 1998
    Grafitti Art show / Jugenzentrum Garmisch Pattenkirchen - Garmisch Pattenkirchen, Germany
  • 1997
    Matador in mir / Kunspark Ost - Munich, Germany

Group exhibitions

  • 2021
    PROJECT ARTVARIUM / Pasáž Českého Designu - Prague, Czechia
  • 2021
    Selection / Gallery of Sylvie Kořistková - Orlová, Czechia
  • 2021
    Abstractions 22 / Martin Cafe - Nový Jičín, Czechia
  • 2021
    Helping Hand/ Pomocná Ruka / Skalka Monastery - Mníšek pod Brdy, Czechia
  • 2021
    Interworlds/ Mezisvěty / Chateau Kunín - Kunín, Czechia
  • 2021
    Romy&Rose / Chateau Bílovec - Bílovec, Czechia
  • 2019
    Essex County ART REVIEW / Essex County Council - Essex, United Kingdom
  • 2019
    Charitable expo for life guard boat / Yacht Club - Frinton-on-Sea, United Kingdom
  • 2017
    ING Creatives world competition / ING Creatives Festival - Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • 2005
    Breaking Point / Vila Tauber & Fischl - Prague, Czechia

Prizes and Awards


The painting "Source Found" is in the final for INTERNATIONAL CONTEMPORARY MASTERS in Santa Barbara (CA) from total of 3962 artworks submitted by 1287 artists, 

Certificate of Honour

Awarded by the Board of Supervisors of the City and County of San Francisco for charitable community projects.


The painting "SOME THINGS NEVER CHANGE" was awarded International Prize Michelangelo, received in Brancaccio Palace in Rome on the 14.07.2019 .

Presidential Voluntary Service Award

Presented by The White House for community projects.


The painting "Shower Time" is in the final for INTERNATIONAL CONTEMPORARY MASTERS in Santa Barbara (CA) from 4,185 works and 1,427 artists

Award of the city Bílovec

Presented by townhall for cultural merits in art and community projects.


The painting "SPACE CHERRY" was awarded the International Prize Velazquez 2019 in MEAM European Modern Art Museum Barcelona on the 06.04.2019.