This is me...


I leave my coffee often unattended for hours,

fully submerged into the world in my eyes,

locked up in my room by my own need

to strip down outside influences & enjoy the silence.

The plain space where I am my own personal Jesus

and where I can experience the halo of my own past,

gives birth to a haze of moves and colours.

I am a little 15 again and the insticts of sweeping

brushes across the naked canvas never let me down.

Waiting for the night to fall, where I feel sacred.





Her works have been described as "A work of a visionary". As a Neo-Surrealist, she managed to fascinate art collectors across the globe. The latest gigantic painting "LEAP OF FAITH" has recently sold on Saatchi Art to an collector in Australia. Her most thought provoking painting which describes an apocalyptic event called "05.10.2020", causes a stir between the art collectors as it awakens both a feeling of distress and calm at the same time.

Being a skeptical dreamer, she focuses on an explanation of biblical events from an angle of an atheist, who is sensing a global change and finds a new spiritual way to the higher authority. She creates visions not of this world, where birth and destruction go hand in hand with contradiction and fantasy.


Creation styles


Rosana's primary focus is not the correctness of prospective, or the true likeness of objects. It is the message her paintings and drawings meant to transmit. This is the reason why she never limits herself to the technique, handwriting, period style or colour scheme. She can paint like an old 17th century artist, or create absolutely modern artworks with accidental splashes and blobs. Sometimes she likes to paint surreal things in a very realistic manner and in reverse the real, often very technical objects, are made with quick dynamic spatula strokes.

Media she uses for her paintings are mostly canvas, acrylic, oil paints, synthetics, sands and plaster, varnishes and pencils. She likes modern vivid abstractions, but also chiaroscuro. Her paintings represent the Neo-Surrealist era, where she can utilize all of her skills at once.


Early age, idols and mentors


Filling the world around her with images and shaping it to satisfy her gently narcissistic nature began at the age. She painted 3D pictures at the age of 4, then had her first public appearances at the age of 6, drawing buildings in the town's square. By the age of 14 she has filled her home with paintings and sculptures. Having both very artistic parents, she has spent her childhood among the best of the Czech cultural and creative society including her mentors and teachers: Karel Žaluda, Jiří (Giorgio) Stejskal, Věra Boudníková-Špánová, David LLoyd, Jaroslav Domiter. She is mesmerized by the works of Cesar Santos, Steven DaLuz, Hieronymus Bosch, Salvador Dalí, Peter Paul Rubens and others.




From the age of 16 Rosana has spent her life traveling through Europe and adapting herself to absorb and radiate the environment she lived in, becoming one of "them". Living in Munich has taught her order and discipline whilst keeping her wings spread, Prague taught her how to dream and fly, and finally London drilled into her the art of trade. Speaking fluently over 6 languages and being able to communicate in further 4 tongues has just become a part of this experience.


Workshops and success


In past few years her work has been purchased in EU, US, Australia, Hong Kong and Russia. The two workshops are in the UK and the Czech Republic, where she stores the the majority of latest works due to the vast space in the recently restored 18th century estate.


She paints custom pictures and made-to orders for private collectors, clients and corporations, but clients usually find a painting in her collection before she manages to suggest a suitable fit.


Her latest series called "REVELATIONS" offers a view of biblical events from the prospective of a modern non-believer, where the acceptance of a higher authority suddenly becomes an option. This series is expected to create a vast stir in the art community through its controversial concept and overpowering dramatic atmosphere.

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