"I create items, which in turn create me."

Objects of beauty and simplicity attract me. I am compelled to create items, which in turn create me. This is how I strive for my self-satisfaction. In the years of my micro-existence I have realised self-satisfaction is the most sought after commodity. My desire is to materialise visions which bring this self-satisfaction out, hoping they become a decorative and hopefully motivational pieces to others. Paintings and works from my workshops are in commercial and private premises across the globe.  My working schedule is divided between my art studios and workshops in the Czech Republic and United Kingdom.

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The painting "SPACE CHERRY" was awarded the International Prize Velazquez 2019 in MEAM European Modern Art Museum Bracelona on the 06.04.2019.


"Last opportunity to see the entire collection at once"

The generous premises of Chateau Bílovec provides for several atmospheres at once.


The castle Theatre Café will offer more permanent home for the collection of paintings, which are in classical style, targeting more conservative art collectors and fitting very well within the castle rustic interior. These paintings are usually framed in lovingly restored gilded antique frames and the themes are of a more romantic flavour, pleasing the everyday-spectators, who will include the unique piece in their everyday life.


The top floor, specifically the music hall and auditorium, will host the temporary collection, which in its measurements and neo-surrealist style offers a fully different vision and perhaps an exclusive insight into the mind of the creator. The paintings are themed in fantasque flavour, keeping in touch with hints of street art, comics and sci-fi.


The visions of alternative worlds, scenes and feelings are heavily imprinted in both collections, covering the private and also the corporate clientele.



Interview with Naďa Čvančarová from the radio station ČESKÝ ROZHLAS about the life long journey through virtual worlds and final closure of the circle in the process of return home after almost 3 decades abroad.

Current exhibitions for 2019 are a rewiew and a look back at the international experience, which she reflects in her art. Returning to her native roots brings with itself time of clarity, peace and focus on new visions to be captured.

EXHIBITION AT MUZEUM & GALERIE MLEJN- 21.02.2019 - 25.03.201

Nádražní 3136/138A,  702 00 Moravská Ostrava a Přívoz


"ICE LAKE CITY" will travel across the pond!

We have had multiple orders on this painting and considering its technique, it will be rather hard to replicate it. Perhaps the interested parties will find another darling to purchase or be happy to wait for a simmilar painting like this one to be born.

For now, "ICE LAKE CITY" goes to United States shortly after it had its floating frame fitted!

"LEAP OF FAITH" is leaving us!

Saatchi Art has found a new home for this giant. It is going across the whole world to Australia. The crate for this massive painting was built by the local wood works made to measure to ensure a safe transport. The symbolic of this painting is very significant, as some people see in it the reverse mirroring image of a Tarot Card of "The Hang Man", which symbolises a change in life, total turnaround and a vision from the opposite angle.

I personally see the painting as a logical result of an impulse of change in my life, where I aim to approach so far not exercised need to challenge my visions I want to paint. It is the answer to our so many questions of what to do with ourselves, and the answer is simply: "We cannot know the answer to all we question as it would kill us. We need to trust the universe, god or whatever leads our steps".


"FROZEN" diptych 2019

acrylic & oil on canvas 240 x 170cm


acrylic on canvas 120 x 170cm

"STHGS NEVER CHANGE" (2018) From the "REVELATIONS" series, Acrylic and oil on canvas


"SHOWER TIME" (2018)

From the "REVELATIONS" series

acrylic and oil on canvas


"CONNECTED" (2018)

From the "REVELATIONS" series

acrylic and oil on canvas


"SPLIT CITY" (2018)

From the "REVELATIONS" series

acrylic and oil on canvas


"FROZEN" in the interior
"JEHOEL" and "SNOWY ROOF" installed
"PEACE IN THE OCEAN" in Westclif
Collaboration at the East London Art Fair in Shoreditch
"ICE LAKE CITY" making journey to California
"I AM WAITING" installation in virtual interior
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