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I create items, which in turn create me.



Objects of beauty and simplicity attract me. I am compelled to create items, which in turn create me. This is how I strive for my self satisfaction. In the years of my micro-existence I have realised self-satisfaction is the most sought after commodity. My desire is to materialise visions which bring this self-satisfaction out, hoping they become a decorative and hopefully motivational pieces to others. Paintings and works from my workshops are in commercial and private premises across the globe. My working schedule is divided between my art studios and workshops in the Czech Republic and United Kingdom.

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"FUTURE & PAST" (2018)


The interdependence of the two time zones and removal of the "NOW" factor from the timeline has influenced me to paint this diptych. Separation of the scene into two view frames has removed presence. Light and shade play accompanied by weird porous textures is supposed to awake an eerie feel, yet retaining somewhat cozy atmosphere. We do not know what is now, as we find ourselves in the projection of our consciousness, which consists mostly of hallucinations and perceptions. We do not know what is in the future as we cannot understand the implications of our past doings. The only reference point in our lives we have is the past. We observe our deeds retrospectively and in the hallucinogenic state we attempt to change future.




Painting of this piece required the restoration of this antique frame first. It has possibly been hanging for a century in an old church or chapel, where the water and unskilled paint spray destroyed the original beauty of this lovely frame.

I appreciate old frames and attempt to give them a matching painting, accommodating so my creation to original artwork from a century ago.

Exferno is a painting of future. I am firmly convinced we are all observing the mayhem the humanity races to and feeling the silent sense of distress or expectation of something happening. Well should it happen, I am sure some of us get the message to leave the place we have so damaged

Ex-Ferno, is my way of interpretting the way out of hell on earth.

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