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Photo by Tomáš Raška 2018

I create items, which in turn create me.



Objects of beauty and simplicity attract me. I am compelled to create items, which in turn create me. This is how I strive for my self-satisfaction. In the years of my micro-existence I have realised self-satisfaction is the most sought after commodity. My desire is to materialise visions which bring this self-satisfaction out, hoping they become a decorative and hopefully motivational pieces to others. Paintings and works from my workshops are in commercial and private premises across the globe. My working schedule is divided between my art studios and workshops in the Czech Republic and United Kingdom.

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21.02.2019 - 25.03.201



Nádražní 3136/138A,

702 00 Moravská Ostrava a Přívoz


GALERIE MLEJN in Ostrava (Gallery Mill) is a fascinating venue, because it reminds me of my childhood and also with its premises revokes the ambience of my new home.


The exciting premise is spacious and airy. It will be fabulous to see the best paintings in one place, close to each other, yet obtaining a dignified spot on the wall among the others.


The exhibition will present the new series called "REVELATIONS" and kick off the new road show for 2019.


If you are interested to be invited to the Grand Opening, please send me an email, so I know how much caviar and champagne to order :)


Looking forvard to seeing you there!


Made to order portraits


Our castle curator Eduard Valeš and his hoffmeister Milan Warzocha have recetly received their portraits in historical costumes to enrich the collection of arts at Château Bílovec.

Their portraits are on fine canvas and painted with oil paints. Their photographs have been made in the historical style to suit the future paintings.

Aren't they a pair of fine fellas?


"ICE LAKE CITY" will travel across the pond!


We have had multiple orders on this painting and considering its technique, it will be rather hard to replicate it. Perhaps the interested parties will find another darling to purchase or be happy to wait for a simmilar painting like this one to be born.


For now, "ICE LAKE CITY" goes to United States shortly after it had its floating frame fitted!




"TIME" has gone bye and leaves our workshop.


This beautiful piece has fascinated the art collector because of the luminescent art of painting the skull :)


The topic of time capture is fascinating to many. Cativated in this paintinf, flowers will never die, candle never burn out. Only the skull will witness, that despite tipping over the sand clock, the time will continue as our merciless friend, bringing pain and joy.

We hope it brings only joy to it's new owner!



"PEACE UPON US" found a new home in Prague!


Its time to say goodbye to another beautiful painting, which has found a new art lover in the heart of Prague. The antique frame is lovingly restored and the whole artwork wrapped to make a relatively short journey in comparison to our outher pieces.


The mesmerising and somehow eerie atmospehere of this painting evokes calm and piece, hence the name. Yet at close inspection we discover traces of is silent, but it is there.

We wish the new owner a great time discovering it!


"LEAP OF FAITH" is leaving us!


Saatchi Art has found a new home for this giant. It is going across the whole world to Australia. The crate for this massive painting was built by the local wood works made to measure to ensure a safe transport. The symbolic of this painting is very significant, as some people see in it the reverse mirroring image of a Tarot Card of "The Hang Man", which symbolises a change in life, total turnaround and a vision from the opposite angle.

I personally see the painting as a logical result of an impulse of change in my life, where I aim to approach so far not exercised need to challenge my visions I want to paint. It is the answer to our so many questions of what to do with ourselves, and the answer is simply: "We cannot know the answer to all we question as it would kill us. We need to trust the universe, god or whatever leads our steps".



Exhibition at the PARCON 2018 Festival in Bilovec, at the beautiful castle


Pictures from the action at the Bilovec Castle in Czech Republic. My thanks go to Castle Curator Eduard Valeš for a flawless organisation and support, Milan Warzocha for his humour, charm and assistance with the installation; the living angel Renata Nevřivová Mikulincová for her help with the organisation; Jaromír Chudárek for the photography and assistance at the installation; mum for help and strong nerves and of course my husband Russell, the sponsor of my art.

Thanks are due to the Parcon Team (Pavel Polacek) for my inclusion into the program and to the Bílovec Townhall.


"STHGS NEVER CHANGE" (2018) From the "REVELATIONS" series, Acrylic and oil on canvas


"SHOWER TIME" (2018)

From the "REVELATIONS" series

acrylic and oil on canvas


"CONNECTED" (2018)

From the "REVELATIONS" series

acrylic and oil on canvas


"SPLIT CITY" (2018)

From the "REVELATIONS" series

acrylic and oil on canvas


"SERAPHIM- Seraphiel, Jehoel, Michael, Samael" 2018 (after DaLuz, @stevendaluz1)

Acrylic & Oil on a raw linen canvas, 139 x 90cm


Paintings from a series called "REVELATIONS"


This work has been inspired by the work of Steven DaLuz and his painting "ET LUX HOMINUM" .


I have been looking at this artist and his technique for long time and wanted to reach the depth of light he can produce, however my attempts are not met with success. His skill is unreachable. If you want to see more of his work please visit his website below and remain awe struck like me.



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